Older titles (pre-2008)


These are the games I’ve worked during my early career in games development.

Aquatic Tales

The last game I’ve worked on while at Real Time Studios, Aquatic Tales as being developed in parallel for both PC, Mac and Wii. In this game, the player took a school of fish across a multitude of levels towards their final goal, a clean sanctuary away from pollution, on the other side of the world. It used an updated version of the engine which Farmer Jane was shipped with.

Sadly the game was finished but due to publishing issues it never saw the light of day.

Farmer Jane

Another game I’ve worked on during my stay in Real Time Solutions, sharing my time between the engine (C++) – mostly the user interface and font rendering – and tools development (C#).

Farmer Jane is a time management game published by Big Fish Games and aimed at the casual market, having reached #4 in the Top 10 in this portal. The 3D, colourful look and frantic gameplay made for an exceptional game in the task management category.


Colortrail was a match-3 which extended the concept of colour matching with shape matching, adding many powerups and posing quite the challenge after the first themes, resulting in a solid, polished game.

Developed using in Torque Game Builder, my focus during the length of this project was in tools development (C#), greatly improving the production pipeline and removing much of the burden of the user interface creation and datablock management. I’ve later worked on porting part the first 25 levels of the game to Flash, which can still be played today.


My first project as a game developer in Real Time Solutions, Woof! was requested by the Portuguese bank Montepio for their Montepiofun portal. The game was developed in Virtools (a multi-platform engine which could target browsers, a very early day Unity!), with a MySQL backbone. This proved to be a most challenging project, due to the sheer number of quirks and work-arounds needed in Virtools 3.1.

In this game you need to take care of your dog, feeding him, keeping him healthy and playing with him – however, you should check him every once in a while, for the game does go on even after the player logs off.