Dark Age: Redemption


Dark Age was an Ultima Online free server which was started twenty years ago, back in 2000. Having gone through several iterations through these two decades, it was a haven for roleplayers in the UO community.

The Lore

Set on the continent of Leanantla, Dark Age: Redemption picked up the story of Dark Age II. After the release of the foul demon Maguun a century ago, the Kingdom of Mercia was destroyed. Now, a hundred years later, a new Federation has risen up. The stories of Mercanius the Prophet are held in the highest regards, and the tenants of the House of Sky are worshiped by one and all. The magic of the old Priory and Spire are long forgotten, but old memories have begun to stir.


  • A 100% Role Play server.
  • Character applications required, to ensure we all stick to theme.
  • 5.0.x classic 2D client.
  • Custom level system with shared party experience.
  • Feat-based system for learning skills and additional abilities.
  • Combat system, with dozens of maneuvers and manual attack/parry options.
  • Crafting system, using different metals and craftable Masterworks.
  • Alchemy system, allowing player-made potions.
  • Custom map, graphics and clothing.
  • New magic system with multiple schools.


The server used a very heavily modified RunUO code base (C#) which has been built over the course of several years. Having assisted with the programming many years ago, I’ve returned to implement a couple of major systems, improve the server’s stability and general VPS upkeep.