Elite: Dangerous


The much anticipated sequel to Elite, this is a game of breath-taking scope created by Frontier Developments.

The player takes the role of a spaceship pilot, with a meagre amount of credits to their name and a little ship. From there, trading, piracy, bounty hunting… there are many ways to move forward and be regarded as one of the elite. And if you can see star: you can go there.

The game was released in December 2014 and remains in active development.


I’ve joined Frontier Developments in 2015, after the core game had been released and while the first expansion, Horizons, was still being developed. My work was in the proprietary engine Cobra (which underpins all of Frontier’s games), focusing on performance and support for XBox One and PlayStation 4, as well as integrating flight sticks.

After the expansion was released, I have continued providing support for the game in a more sporadic fashion as a lead of the Shared Technology Group, bringing engine updates where possible.