Killzone: Shadow Fall


Killzone: Shadow Fall took the Killzone franchise to the next generation as a flagship title for the PS4, with the high quality visuals expected from Guerrilla Amsterdam. In the campaign the player takes the role of a Shadow Marshall as a conflict between Vekta and the Helghast brews anew and multiplayer also makes a return, with matches of up to 24 players.


Guerrilla Cambridge (previously Sony Cambridge) provided support to Guerrilla Amsterdam for Killzone: Shadowfall. Making use of knowledge previously gained in developing Killzone: Mercenary, the studio added support for remote play through a VITA, as well as working on a number of multiplayer maps and DLC packages.

A showreel by my colleage Pete Ellis, showcasing the dynamic map Stormgracht.

I’ve personally worked on the remote play support and, special abilities the players could use in multiplayer and replicating data across the network: a number of the DLC maps had moving parts where the state of the animations wasn’t just eye-candy, so there were some interesting bugs where e.g. a level would be flooded for one player but not another…