Crimson Sun


Crimson Sun puts four ships against each other in a fast-paced, frenetic deathmatch. With several ships to choose from and a vast array of equipment, from the lightest strikecraft to the lumbering gunship, it makes for some great battles and a fine game for a quick skirmish before the lunch break ends.


  • Available for both Windows and Linux.
  • Six ships, from the lightest strikecrafts to gunships.
  • Plenty of equipment to pick from.
  • Deathmatch, Last man standing and Domination modes.
  • Six different scenarios.
  • GPL, source code available on request.


This was the first full game I created, back in 2003.

Programmed in C, using SDL for graphics and FMOD for sound, the game was developed for both Windows and Linux.

Developed during my free time (of which I had a great deal of, in retrospect), the game was written from start to finish in two weeks. Other than the backgrounds, it is programmer’s art. Music was made by Shiryu.

This game was my way into becoming a professional games developer: shortly after finishing it, I was interviewed and hired by a small Portuguese studio, Real Time Solutions.