HEXTERMINATE – a week since release

Well, that was a ride! Actually shipping the game and seeing people playing HEXTERMINATE has been a rewarding experience. The community which has been taking shape in the forum has been very positive and constructive, crucially contributing to tackling some particularly critical bugs in a timely fashion.

With four patches released over the past week, covering crashes, progression issues and people with enormous monitors (Hi Brian!), the coffee stock has taken a noticeable hit.

The road ahead

Having fixed the most critical bugs over the course of the last week, development will be split in two ways:

Regular updates

As the previous week has seen several updates go out, you can expect continued support covering stability & progression fixes, as well as quality of life tweaks to make the game more enjoyable to play.

On the roadmap for the coming week:

  • Further tweaks to ramming, to take into account the mass difference between the ships.
  • Ensure fleets which are jumping into the current sector do so safely, so they cannot immediately collide with other ships.

Major updates

In parallel to the regular updates, development will start on a large update which will bring in new features and more complex modifications. To be clear, these are free updates, not paid DLC.

The still embryonic plan includes:

  • A new game mode, Infinite War: while the Campaign takes the player through a structured route, Infinite War will procedurally generate a new galaxy and populate it with the various factions. This should greatly increase the game’s replayability.
  • Additional anomalies: to increase the complexity of the Infinite War galaxy, certain sectors will have modifiers regarding how ships and modules behave. The Campaign already has a black hole where shields do not work particularly well, so this will get developed further.
  • New faction: a new faction will be added, specific to the Infinite War mode.

Thank you for reading and I hope you keep enjoying HEXTERMINATE for a long time to come.

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