After a couple of months of development, the Infinite War update is ready. With it, HEXTERMINATE gains a new game mode with procedurally generated galaxies and brings new challenges to the players.

In this new game mode your objective is to capture the homeworlds of all the factions. To assist you with this, you can boost your defenses with powerful starforts and use probes to keep an eye on the Empire’s enemies.

Additionally, you’ll find new modules you can customise your ship with:
  • Antiproton cannons are a new, devastating weapon type.
  • Quantum state alternators work in conjunction with the antiproton cannons, as well as providing a way of defending against them.
  • Ramming prows are armour modules which greatly increase the efficiency of the Ramming Speed ability.

You’ll encounter them on ships belonging to a new faction: the Hegemon. You can expect the most challenging battles in the game if you’re going against them, as well as new mechanics to master.

You can find HEXTERMINATE on Steam:

Good luck, Captain.

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